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36 Championship holes by Robert Trent Jones ll

Women's Club Champions

Each August, the Heron Lakes Women's Club hosts it Championship over two days.  Below is a list of tested golfers who have championed one of the most competitive women's clubs in the Portland area, proving themselves on a difficult course and truly earning their title.  Congratulations to all winners!

Modern (split) Club Champions   Combined Club Champions
Year Tuesday Group Saturday Group   Year Combined Group
2019 Tracy Bardell     1996 Lisa Wright
2018 Joan Heeter     1995 Lisa Wright
2017 Luan Penner     1994 Karla Kalian
2016 Janet Elliott     1993 Lynn Bernadett
2015 Julie Gish Tracy Bardell   1992 Elaine Edrington
2014 Julie Gish Tracy Bardell   1991 Elaine Edrington
2013 Joan Heeter Lia Useato   1990 Joanne McBride
2012 Janet Elliott Tracy Bardell   1989 Luan Penner
2011 Joan Heeter Karen Herness   1988 Hilda Haines
2010 Darci Trimmer Sandy Nunn   1987 Luan Penner
2009 Denise Aldridge Kelly Jenkins   1986 Luan Penner
2008 Luan Penner Tracy Bardell   1985 Luan Penner
2007 Luan Penner Kelly Jenkins   1984 Hilda Haines
2006 Luan Penner Kelly Harlan   1983 Marie Angus
2005 Kelly Harlan Lisa Wright   1982 Hazel Folen
2004 Kelly Harlan Tracey Bardell   1981 Marie Angus
2003 Kelly Harlan Tracey Bardell      
2002 Kelly Harlan Lisa Wright      
2001 Kelly Harlan Lisa Wright      
2000 Luan Penner Tracey Bardell      
1999 Luan Penner Lisa Wright      
1998 Bonnie Phillips Jill Otey      
1997 Bonnie Phillips Lisa Wright